About the Legal Business Days

The Legal Business Days Tilburg is a project of Faculty Association Magister JFT in cooperation with Tilburg University. The event is a unique opportunity for students to orientate themselves on their careers, learn more about their future employers and find the job they are looking for. The Juridische Bedrijvendagen Tilburg offers students everything they need to prepare for their careers. Presentations, workshops, training courses and many more activities are provided by more than 30 companies.

At the Legal Profession Day, which takes place on 19 April 2022, students can become acquainted with the possibilities that they have besides the traditional 'toga professions'. During the day there are various workshops and the day is concluded with drinks with the companies present at the Legal Profession Day. The day will be opened by none other than Humberto Tan!

For the international student Global Law, Law and Technology and International Business Law, Tuesday 20 April is the International Day. This day will give you insight in what a career at Dutch law firms and international (non-)governmental institutions will look like. These firms will give presentations after which students will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with the representatives of the institutions.

On 21 April 2022, the students of Tilburg Law School will be welcomed to the Koning Willem II stadium to meet their future employers. With workshops given by more than twenty large law firms from all over the country, space for individual discussions and a drink with the participating law firms to conclude the day, you will be optimally prepared for your future career!

On Friday 22 April, the Public Administration Day will take place. This is the day for public administration students to take a look in the working field. Several organisations will come to Tilburg to tell about their organisation and possible careers.

The Brabant Business Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with several law firms in Brabant in an accessible way! This year's edition will take place on Monday 25 April. The day will start with a round of workshops by the firms, followed by a prepared lunch. After this, we have another round of workshops to meet the firms.